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The Papegeojedal

  Everybody knows as Rhododendron prefer a porous, wel-drained acidic soil. soil.
  But the wild Rhododendron does not knows.

  Because the wild Rho. are illiterate and does not read the books of Rhododendron.

  If wild Rhododendron can living by limted soil in the wild, I did the civilized Rho also do.

  To day, I have did, by several years, test Rhododendron's tolerance by alkaline soil. Rt(pH) 7.9-8.1 Calcium saturate compact clay. Only the second poorest soil I got, but the poorer soil do working up and down, by the winter frost.

The results are surprise, Rhododendrons are normally much tolerant by alkaline soil. More tolerant as all common garden plants.  Because those species have small need of nitrogen compounds, and few rival plants species.

If my Rhododendrons was dead, by alkaline soil, the cause was drying.
And the cause of drying of the plant, was to little root. And the causes of little root was, as plant only do that size root it have need of, and by sphagnum, the plants only have needs of little roots. The plants I buy have to big top to the rood.

  By the start, I have some dead plants, because the roods do not groving from sphagnum out the soil. But after I washed the lime soil or common soil in the sphagnum, the plants root work better, and been green.
I do think Rhododendrons are married by fugus and many fugus only living by acidic soil, but by The Papegeojedal living some lime-fugus

Papegøje-dalen  It is heavily to see the Rhododendron on the picture, of this cause I have draw two arrow.

Pictures of The Rhododendron by The Papegjoedal

 Parrotia persica
One this Persian Ironwood plants then have do the name to The Papegoejedal (Papegoeje-busk = Parrotia persica; dal = valley).