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The Giant Sequoia -- Forest Masterpiece

It is difficult to appreciate the size of the giant sequoias because neighboring trees are so large. The largest of the sequoias are as tall as an average 26-story building, and their diameters at the base exceed the width of many city streets. As they continue to grow, they produce about 40 cubic feet of wood each year, approximately equal to the volume of a 50-foot-tall tree one foot in diameter.

The ages of the General Sherman, General Grant and other large sequoias are unknown, but it is estimated that these giants are between 1800 and 3300 years old. They have seen civilization come and go, survived countless fires and long periods of drought, and continue to flourish -- inspiring yet another generation of admirers.

The 35 Largest Giant Sequoias

1. General Sherman Giant Forest 83,8m 31,3m 1490m3
2. Washington Giant Forest 75m 30,8m 1346m3
3. General Grant Grant Grove 81m 32,8m 1346m3
4. President Giant Forest 73m 28,2m 1290m3
5. Lincoln Giant Forest 78m 30m 1261m3

6. Stagg Alder Creek 74m 33m 1207m3
7. Genesis Mountain Home 79m 26m 1205m3
8. Boole Converse Basin 82m 34m 1205m3
9. Unnamed Tree 
near Washington
Giant Forest 68m 29m1171m3
10.King ArthurGarfield82m32m1154m3

11.Unnamed Tree 
near Auto Log
Giant Forest 76m28m1140m3
12.Robert E. LeeGrant Grove78m27m1138m3
13.DiamondAtwell Mill87m29m1001m3
14.AdamMountain Home75m29m  996m3
15. False Hart Redwood Mountain 79m 24m  993m3

16.HartRedwood Mountain 85m 23m  976m3
17.Chief SequoyahGiant Forest70m28m 954m3
18.Unnamed Tree 
near Cattle Cabin
Giant Forest80m26m 948m3
19.DeanAtwell Mill72m 30m  939m3
20.Red ChiefLong Meadow Grove75m80.6 25m  931m3

21.Packsaddle GiantPacksaddle Grove67m 32m 931m3
22. Unnamed Tree 
on Soldiers' Trail
Giant Forest 63m 23m  922m3
23. Balch Park Mountain Home 77m 24m  896m3
24. Methuselah Mountain Home 60m 29m  891m3
25. Cleveland Giant Forest 76m 24m  889m3

26. Grizzly Giant Mariposa Grove 64m 29m  888m3
27. Dalton Muir Grove 83m 23m  881m3
28. Unnamed Tree 
on Alta Trail
Giant Forest 75m 25m  859m3
29. Evans Evans Grove 71m 24m  858m3
30. Patriarch McIntyre Grove 46m 22m  852m3

31. Louis Agassiz South Calaveras 74m 30m  850m3
32. Bull Buck Nelder Grove 75m 30m  766m3
33. Black Mtn. Shaft Black Mountain 75m 19m  766m3
34. Unnamed Tree 
near Gutless
McIntyre Grove 77m 23m  759m3
35. Gutless Goliath McIntyre Grove 84m 21m  752,2m3
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Last update: March 11, 1996