We do only have a few Giant Sequoias in Denmark.
  I did not understand why. I sowed one lot of seed, but only 1% was do living after 3 years.

  The old Giant Sequoia trees, by Denmark do not making living seeds, because the trees generally do have need of two parents to make children.

  It look as the old trees do more hardy as the new seedlings! But anybody did know the origin of new trees and anybody did know the origin of the new seed. But to day I do know as the old seed had been collected by cut trees by a railroad in mountain, one end by Bearskin Grove. To day or at the period 1930-1991, the seed have been collected close the Highway, by low level.

The Arboretet by Hørsholm has got a seeds list, which some time tell the origin of the seeds.

Seedlings of Whitaker Forest grove is the best to garden, because they are slow grooving and hardy. But by any other intentions Bearskin Grove, are better.

I have do test 5 lot of Sequoiadendron seeds since 1998.

  Only few groves do have fine seedlings.
  Many poor groves have family weakness and low seeds quality.
  The fine groves do have great variations, only the many normally and quick grooving plants do they to a family.

  Have all they poor groves grooving from a single tree, after the Ice age? And are the fine groves millions of years?

  Before the human  Sequoiadendron living by a lightly Oak forest, but the human kill the all the big elephants and the forest been dark, but the the indian fire the forest every 10 year, to better hunting. But the indian had been killed and the forest do not fire by 100 years.
  Can a great fire killed one of the small groves, one of them by fine seedlings?

  The mountains have volcanos, volcanos of explosive type.
  Slowly growing the coast ranges and taken the rain from the Sierra Nevada, and by the last 200 year the clima had been hotter. 
  Never by the last 100.000.000 years had the fine Sequoiadendron seeds groves, had been soo small as to day.

Rettet d. 1-3-99