To save confusion, the corset waist you order will be made
exact so if you order a corset with a 24" waist, the corset
itself will measure 24" at the waist and your corseted
waist under the corset will measure 24", however, the outside
measure may be an inch or two more. Therefore, if you
wish the outside measure to be 24", order a 22" waist.


A- These materials are usually available in common colors.

   HEAVY COUTIL- A strong, sturdy material 
   COTTON BROADCLOTH- Intermediate in weight
   LIGHT LINEN- Light and cool, but wears well

B- These materials are available at the extra cost stated.

   IMPORTED FRENCH SATIN- A heavy weight satin far superior
   to domestics which makes a beautiful and lasting corset. 
   Available in B1ack, Blue, Peach, and White only 0$10.00.

   IMPORTED KID LEATHER- A soft top quality treated leather
   and the best leather for corsets.  Looks best in black,
   but available in most common colors. 
   CALF LEATHER- A heavier leather available in all shades.
   PATENT- Available in black only. It will crack in time.
Extra charges for use of leather in corsets are as follows:
   For Wasp-Waist Corset length to 12"  $ 45.00
   For Hour Glass Corset length to 16"  75:00 
   For Long Line Corset length to 20"  95:00 
   For Training Corset-and Corselet length to 26"  125.00 
   For Training Corset made ankle length to 40"  150.00

   PURE GUM RUBBER- Not all colors so give second choices.
Extra charges for use of Rubber in corsets are as follows: 
   For Wasp Waist Corset length to 12"  25.00 
   For Hour Glass Corset length to 16"  45•00 
   For Long Line Corset length to 20"  55.00 
   For Training Corset and Corselet length to 26"  75.00


Lace Trim in matching or contrasting color added  5.00 
4 or 6 attached or removable Garters added  3.00 
Crotch Strap added (boned or unboned)  35.00 
Training Corset made ankle length  20.00