Rubber corset
The above red garment is made from pure gun rubber which
has been securely cemented to form a strong, smooth wasp
waist corset. Only the boning, front hooks and laces are
not made of real rubber. Although the work involved is
great, we can offer pure gum rubber corsets in the above
style at only $25•00 extra for materials, therefore, the
garment can be duplicated in your exact size with four
garters for just $83.OO. For more information on the
skyscraper heel shoes the model is wearing, consult our new
Theatrical Footwear Catalog which sells for one dollar.
Note: Send $2.00 for 8 4x5 Photos of the Rubber Corset.


A few words of caution are in order. While a 10" waist
reduction is possible with a wasp-waist style and an 8"
reduction is possible with other styles, the maximum is
not recommended if you wish to wear the corset for long
periods of time. A 4 to 6" reduction is best for a
corset that is to be worn regularly or for a first corset.