Wasp-Waist Hour glass


The above White Kid Leather Wasp-Waist Corset is the strongest and most effective corset we can make for achieving maximum waist reduction. It has reduced the 36" waist of this 190 pound model to 28" and would be capable of up to a 10" waist reduction on most individuals. The extra charge for use of leather on wasp-waist style is $45.00 so this corset can be made to your measurements for $100.00.


This White Kid Leather Corset is 14" long and covers most of the hip so is considered hour glass length and has a special crotch strap attached which has adjustable buckles in the back. A crotch strap may be made to your own design for the price of a chastity belt ($35.00) and the extra charge for leather in hour glass corsets is $75.00 so this corset was made for $175.00.