THE Editor acknowledges with warm thanks the generous and willing help accorded her in preparing this book by members and member firms of the Corset Guild of Great Britain, and by some other firms are not members. These true friends of the corset industry readily put at her disposal the fruits of years of study and experience.

Thanks are particularly owing to the firms of–

Berlei (U.K.), Ltd. (on the subjects of side hooking garments, corselettes, store lore, and fitting room technique); J. S. Blair and Son, Ltd. and Gossard, Ltd. (lacing corsets); Flexees Ltd. and Warner Brothers (Corsets), Ltd. (elasticized corsetry) ;   S. H. Camp and Company, Ltd. (surgical corsetry, maternity, and post-natal care; also anatomical drawings) ;   Clutsom and Kemp, Ltd. (historical drawings) ;   Wood, Bastow and Co., Ltd. (corset materials);   the Directors of Corsetry and Underwear (reference to drawings); the Lux Washability Bureau (advice on laundering). Also to Miss M. Imber and Miss B. M. V. Fudge for helpful comments on a variety of topics; and to Mr. James Laver, of the Victoria and Albert Museum, for the loan of period drawings of corsets.

Above all to Miss Edna Shrives, who has advised, informed, and demonstrated on all manner of subjects at all manner of times.

E. B.