When taking special measurements it is absolutely necessary to see that the person who is being measured feels perfectly comfortable in every way: The measurements for a corset or corselette shall be taken over a corset or any such tight fitting garment, not over a dress or blouse. It is very important that the person for whom the measurements are taken shall stand in her natural position. It is also very important that the tape measure is not tangled when taking measurements. All measurements shall be taken snugly, especially the waist measurement.

Measurements that are required for special garments are as follows: The first measurement required is called the arm blade which indicates whether the person is built erect or stooping; showing if the person has a narrow back and large chest or bust or on the contrary, a large back and narrow chest or bust. This measurement is taken by beginning to measure at the center back at the collar bone, otherwise known as the socket bone, and dropping the tape measure down towards the front, as illustrated on Figue 2, and bringing the tape measure under the under arm towards the center back, as illustrated on Figure 1. Begin to measure at A, dropping the tape measure towards the front and bringing the tape measure back under the under arm to center back at B.

The second measurement is taken from A to C, which is the natural waist length from the socket bone to the hollow of the waist, which is a very important guide for under arm length and shoulder strap length.

The third measurement is called the breast measurement and is taken all around the body at the flat part of the chest, as shown on Figure 2 at letter E. The fourth measurement is called the bust measurement which is taken all around the body at the fullest part of the bust, as shown on Figue 2 at letter F. The fifth measurement is called the waist measurement which is taken over the hollow part of the waist around the body, as shown on Figure 2 at letter G. The sixth measurement is the first hip measurement taken 6 inches below the waist line, as shown on Figure 2 at letter H. The second hip measurement, which is the seventh measurement, is shown on Figure 2 at letter J and is taken 9 inches below the waist line. The eighth measurement is the under arm length shown on Figure 2 from I to K. Now take the length of the corset or corselette, which is the ninth measurement, from the waist line down to any length desired, depending upon style and height of body.

It is of great importance that these measurements shall be taken in this particular routine for a very simple reason. That is, if the habit of taking these measurements at all, times in this routine is followed, it enables us to be guided without any remarks as to what each measurement is called for. Watch the two small illustrations on opposite page how the tape measure should be handled when the arm blade measurement is taken.

How to Take Special Measurements
How to Take Special MeasurementsHow to Take Special Measurements