To make a twelve section corset make the usual foundation as in the previous lesson with a 2 inch raise from the waist line up.

Note that the sections of this garment are much narrower than those of the six section corset. Measure on the waist line from 1 to 7, 2½ inches, and from 8 to 9, 3 inches. Measure the same for the back panel; from 3 to 10, 2½ inches, and from 11 to 12, 3 inches. Draw a line from 9 up to 7 and 18, from 12 up to 10 and 21: The center of the entire space is taken as usual by dividing 1 to 3, making 5, and at the bottom at 8 to 11, making 13. Draw a line from 13 to 28, 5 and 6. Now divide the space at the waist line from 7 to 5, making 16, and from 9 to 13, making 17. Draw a line from 17 to 16 and 19. Divide the space from 5 to 10, making 14, and from 13 to 12, making 15. Draw a line from 15 up to 14 and 20.

Now make the darts at the waist line by taking out ¼ inch at each side of 7, 16, 14 and 10 and a trifle smaller amount at the top of the corset at each side of 18, 19, 20 and 21. Then finish the darts, as shown on the diagram, above the hip at 22, 23, 24 and 25. In order to finish the extreme side dart at 5, measure all the sections at the waist line from 1 to 27 and from 26 to 3, naturally skipping the amount taken out for the dart. If, for instance, there is an over-amount of 1½ inches according to half of waist measurement, take out half of 1½ inches or ¾ inch from each side from 5 to 26 and 5 to 27. From both sides of 6, which is the top of the dart, take out a trifle less than taken out at the waist line and curve this side dart from 26 and 27 down to 28, which is the hip line.

Now finish this twelve section corset by taking out from the bottom at each side of 9, 17, 12 and 15 about 2 inch and lose up to the hip line, as shown on the diagram. At each side of 13, which is the side seam, take out ¾ inch and finish the curve up to the hip at 28, as shown on the diagram. If a closed back is desired, follow the straight line up to 4. If a lace back is desired from 3 to X, fill in the space with curve as shown on diagram from X down to 3. Note that this diagram shows a high raised front, for which reason we allow, at center front from 2 to 33, 1 inch, which is lost from 33 to 19. If a straight raised front is required, cut pattern straight across from 2 to 19: Note that all necessary seams have to be allowed.

Twelve Section Corset