We shall now begin to explain the drafting of an outline for a girdle, which may be known as a wrap-around, or step-in, and which is a garment that covers the body from the hollow of the waist to any length desired below the hip line.

The necessary measurements required for this garment are waist, hip and length measurements which are given below. It is very important to remember this first foundation outline because it will help each continuous lesson for all the various styles of girdles and corsets. The measurements we are going to use are as follows:

Waist ......... 28 inches
Hip ............ 38 inches
Length ....... 12 inches

In order to begin the foundation outline for the girdle draw a line from 1 to 2 and call it the center : front of the girdle. Then draw a line from l to 3, ½ of 28 inches waist measurement, which is 14 inches, and continue the line from 3 to 0 and measure from 3 to 0, 3 inches for darts. Raise up from 0 to 4 by a square line 2 inches. Now divide the space from 1 to 0, making 5, and connect 4 to 5 with a line, as shown on the opposite diagram, and curve from 1 to 4 with a fitting space about ¾ inch at 5, as shown on the diagram.

Now measure for the hipline from 1 to 6, 6 inches, and from 4 to 7, 6 inches, and draw a line from 6 to 7, calling it the hip line. Measure from 6 to 7, ½ of 38 inches hip measurement, which is 19 inches, and draw a line from 4 to 7 down to 8, calling it the center back of the girdle.

Now measure the length of the girdle and finish the bottom. Measure from 1 to 2 at the front line; 12 inches, for front length, and measure the same 12 inches from 5 to 9 at the side seam. Also measure 12 inches from 4 to 8 which is the center back of the girdle. Then finish the bottom by making a curve from 2 to 9 and 9 to 8 which will complete the foundation for the girdle.

Great care shall be taken to memorize this foundation which will have to be repeated and prepared for the next lesson.

Foundation Outline for Girdle