Simplicity has always been of great importance, especially in studying text books of this type. There is a certain method of following up a diagram correctly and in a most simple way. Instructions are given in the most simplified manner on how to begin to draft foundation outlines: In order to make it clear for the beginner, the author advises the going over of the reading matter first, without watching the diagram; then reread the reading matter, this time following up the diagram on the opposite page. In case the instructions are not entirely clear, it is advisable to reread the instructions once more and also follow up the diagram again.

You will note that when a size is mentioned, the amount is given in inches to simplify to the student the method of drafting. Fractions of sizes are given in inches in the following way to avoid calculations: When the waist measurement is. given you will note that the instructions read, take half of 28 inches waist measurement amounting to 14 inches; or, measure 1/3 of size amounting to 12 inches for size 36; or, take 1/12 of size amounting to 3 inches for size 36. When fractions of a size or amount are not equal amounts, the remainder is calculated to the nearest eighth of an inch. For example, 1/12 of size 40 will be calculated to the nearest eighth of an inch or 3 3/8 inches. Such slight difference in fractions from the actual amount does not hinder the fitting of the garment.

It is of great importance that the person who wishes to be fully acquainted with the work in this book shall bear in mind that the reason we explain every possible step is to simplify the use of this work because we do not want any book owner to be burdened with any complicated method or instruments.

The simple, ordinary inch device of a yardstick or tape measure can be used for drafting. For ordinary curves, we advise a curve ruler which is a very inexpensive device and can be purchased at any dressmaking supply establishment.

The author of this book advises every book owner, when in doubt about any lesson, to write to the author without any hesitation as this service is given free of charge.