Index Style Changes for Corsets


The above illustrations indicate that corsets were made according to various types of measurements in the past number of years. It may also be understood that these lines may also change in the future. It is for this reason that the author will regularly issue every year a stylish guide of measurements under the title of The Practical Adviser of Proportions and Manual of Sizes for Corsetry, a copy of which may be obtainted free of charge by all Practical Corsetiere owners.

It is quite important that this change shall be known to all those interested in designing and patternmaking for corsets and corselettes. Note that illustration No. 1 represents the old standard form with a tight fitting waist, large bust and extremely large hip upon which we base all standard measurements that were outlined in the preceding pages of this work. Illustration No. 2 shows a larger waist, smaller bust and smaller hip. Illustration No. 3 shows a much larger waist measurement, smaller bust and an entirely flat hip. Illustration No. 4 shows a smaller waist, flat hip and large bust. This form is about the tendency of today and will measure, for size 36, 40 inches bust, 28 inches waist and 40 inches hip. Watch these changes in fashion in order to know what proportion measurements are being used every year.