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The System of Height Proportions, as explained in the previous page, gives us the natural waist length, under arm length and the various lengths for girdles, corsets and corselettes.

To master height proportions it is necessary to take the total height of the body, from the crown of the head to the ground. To be able to master height proportions properly it is necessary for us to divide the total height of the body into eight sections, as illustrated on the opposite diagram; one-eighth of the height covering the head space from the crown of the head to the chin; two-eighths of the height covering waist length from the chin to the hollow of the waist, and five-eighths of the total height covering the space from the hollow of the waist to the ground.

In order to better describe the height of the body, we shall follow, as an example, the standard height of a woman's figure which is 5 feet 6 inches and which amounts to 66 inches. According to this height of 66 inches, the head space amounts to 8¼ inches and the waist length amounts to 16½ inches. Deduct 1 inch from 16½ inches for a separate collar stand, making the remainder 15½ inches for the natural waist length which is to be measured on the human body from the socket bone to the hollow of the waist.

To obtain the under arm length we take half of the waist length, 15½ inches, making 7¾ inches. Now we add ¾ of an inch to 7¾ inches, making the underarm length 8½ inches. While we are on the subject, we can obtain the correct measurements for shoulder strap lengths by deducting 8½ inches, under arm length, from 15½ inches, waist length, which leaves 7 inches. Add 1 inch for seams, making 8 inches and then double the amount of 8 inches, making a total of 16 inches for shoulder strap lengths.

To obtain various lengths for girdles, corsets, etc., use the height division as follows: For a very short length use 1/8 of the height below the natural waist line amounting to 8¼ inches; for a medium length corset use 1½ eighths of the height of the body amounting to 123/8 inches. If a long corset is wanted, use 2/8 of the height, amounting to 16½ inches.

It shall be understood that for taller women these lengths will increase according to height and for shorter women these lengths will decrease according to height, which is only simple and logical.