Realizing the importance of up-to-date and practical work to be done in the corset field on designing, patternmaking and grading, I have now developed a complete and easily learned method for all garments in the corsetiering line.

For the many past years I have been carefully and closely watching the trade and the requirements of style changes in which the corset line plays a great part. I, therefore, feel that a practical and simple method is indeed required for designing, patternmaking and grading to enable the corsetry field to make a greater progress and, at the same time, bring forth better fitting garments with greater ease and success.

The interest of this work, therefore, impresses me to write such system from the out-growth of my long experience in this line and to teach a simple method that will be practical to all right-minded people who labor in this particular field. I am sure the results will be found of great help to those who will carefully study this work. I am also sure that those who will study this work will be led to an up-to-date control of practical knowledge.

I, therefore, hope the methods taught in this work will bring the results of great success in all branches of the corsetiering field as I, the author, sincerely desire.