Spencer Infant's Umbilical Hernia Belt

Spencer Infant's Umbilical Hernia Belt
Fig. 135

Doctors frequently request an infant's belt to control umbilical hernia.

To provide the necessary control of the hernia, such a belt must be non-elastic.   It should be light and comfortable. It should be adjustable and washable.   The Spencer Infant's Umbilical Hernia Belt (see Fig. 135) combines all of these benefits and features :

It is made of soft cloth to prevent chafing, and doubled so it cannot stretch.

An Umbilical Hernia Pad to exert pressure over the umbilicus is supplied as part of the belt.   This pad is made of a soft non-absorbent material.

It is quickly adjustable to exact fit around the body, permitting as much pressure as desired.

Shoulder straps and diaper tabs prevent the belt from slipping up or down.

The Spencer Infant's Umbilical Hernia Belt is not individually designed. It is made in only one size but its adjustability permits it to fit infants under two years old. It is used only on infants who wear diapers.

To Order.   Use Order Form 137.

Spencer " Junior " Supports for Children

Spencer Junior Supports are individually designed for children ranging from the very small up to those who require a support of adult size and design.

Ordinarily, the conditions which indicate the child's need for a support should be discussed with the doctor. His approval or prescription should be obtained before the order is submitted.

Measurements.   For small children, 'the Hip Measurement must often be taken at ,a point less than 7 inches below the waist. When this is done, print on order at " Size Hip " where measure- ment is taken. If measurement is taken at 5-inch point write " At 5-inch point Size Hip ............ Inches."

The actual Waist to Pubic Bone Measurement should be taken.

Other measurements are taken as for an adult except that Cloth at Back will generally be only 1 inch longer than Length Back Bones.

Junior Abdominal Belt

Junior Abdominal Belt
Junior Abdominal Belt
Fig. 136

The Junior Abdominal Belt (see Fig. 136) is similar to the adult Spencer Regular Belt described on page 114.   The Waist Measurement cannot be more than 24 inches, nor the Hip Measurement more than 28 inches.   If either of these measurements exceeds the limitation, the adult Spencer Belt will be supplied.

Hose Supporters or detachable Perineal Straps will be supplied if ordered (extra charge—see price list).

Tape Shoulder Straps similar to those described for Junior Spinal Support may be ordered under Additional Instructions (extra charge—see price list).

To Order.   Check " Regular Abdominal Belt " and write " Junior " in the space preceding, to read " Junior Regular Abdominal Belt." If for a girl, use Order Form 360. If for a boy, use Order Form 450, and check " measured over underclothing " if this is done.

Please give age of child under Additional Instructions.

Junior Spinal Support

Junior Spinal Support
Fig. 137

The Junior Spinal Support is similar in appearance to the Spinal Support for adults, described on page 230. It is made with Straps and Slides Fastening and curved out over groin.

The Waist Measurement cannot be more than 24, nor the Hip Measurement more than 28 inches. If either of these measurements exceeds the limitation, the adult support will be supplied.

There is an extra charge when the Height at Back exceeds 6 inches (see price list).

Lacings at each side-front, extending from top to bottom, with suitable flies may be ordered (extra charge—see price list). These lacings allow for the growth of the child without changing the adjustment space at centre-front. This is especially important when the Abdominal Spring Pad or Perineal Straps are used. To order, write " Lacings top to bottom each side-front " under Additional Instructions.

If lacings are not ordered, adjustment tucks from top to bottom at each side-front will be supplied without extra charge, to allow for growth of the child.

Stiff Steels or Rigids may be ordered.

The Abdominal Spring Pad, Rigid Steels, " O " Shoulder Straps, Tape Shoulder Straps, Thighband, Outside Pelvic Binder, Perineal Straps, and Hose Supporters may be ordered (extra charge see price list).

Abdominal Spring Pad.   The Abdominal Spring Pad is very helpful with this support when client has relaxed or paralyzed abdominal muscles, as is often the case among polio patients. It assists respiration, and by supplying uplift, aids the functioning of the abdominal organs. The pad also helps prevent blood from pooling in the veins of the lower abdomen.

In polio cases, the Abdominal Spring Pad made two inches higher than usual gives excellent results. To order, write on the order form under Additional Instructions " Abdominal Spring Pad two inches higher than regular." There will be a small additional charge for the extra height.

For children, the Abdominal Spring Pad is made more flexible than for adults.

Rigid Steels.   The number of Rigid Steels is determined by the condition in the patient, and will depend upon :

  1. Size and age of the child.
  2. Severity of condition.
  3. Height of support.

All Rigid Steels are removable.

" O " Shoulder Straps.   " O " Shoulder Straps (see page 240) are necessary only on extra high-back supports when the Height at Back is at least two inches higher than Height at Under-Arm. They are most helpful when Rigid Steels are used in the support.

The " O " Shoulder Straps supplied on Junior Supports are attached to small studs at the top edge of the support at each shoulder. They pass over the shoulders to the front, down under the arms and fasten in pivoting slides to studs at each side-back.

The portion that touches the front-shoulder and under-arm is covered with plush to prevent irritation.

Regular Shoulder Straps.   Regular Shoulder Straps act as suspenders to prevent the support from slipping down. They are necessary when the Waist Measurement is approximately the same as or larger than the Hip Measurement.

These shoulder straps are of soft webbing, sewed to the support at top edge at back, crossed at back, and adjusted by slides at top edge at front.

Thighband.   In certain polio cases it is desirable to give control through the lower hip and thigh area. When the Thigh-band is ordered, it is necessary to have sufficient Length Cloth at Back and Length Cloth at Hip to permit the attachment of the Thighband. It is suggested that the support be long enough at back to extend to the crease.

Outside Pelvic Binder.   The Outside Pelvic Binder supplied on Junior Supports is similar to that supplied on adult supports.

Perineal Straps and Hose Supporters.   Because there are frequent orders where neither Perineal Straps nor Hose Supporters are wanted, the Junior Posture Corrective Support is priced without either. These may, however, be ordered (extra charge see price list).

To Order.   Check" Spencer Spinal Support" and mark it "Junior." If boy is " Measured Over Underclothing " check space on order form.   Please give age of child under Additional Instructions.

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