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Chapter           Page
 1.   General Information   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   1
 2.   Description of Figure   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   9
 3.   The Control Support   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   20
 4.   Breast Control Support ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   34
 5.   To Outline and Measure for Breast Support ...   50
 6.   To Outline and Measure for Body Support   ...   ...   69
 7.   Description of Supports   ...   ...   ...   ...   91
 8.   Description of Spencer Breast Supports   ...   ...   125
 9.   Description of Supports for Men   ...   ..   ...   139
10.   Children's Supports   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   155
11.   Anatomy ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 160
12.   Physical Conditions which are Relieved by Spencer
        Supports ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 174
13.   Pads   ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 184
14.   Special Items   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   202
15.   Types of Fastening   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   218
16.   How to Lace Supports   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   225
17.   Orthopaedic Supports and Accessories ...   ...   ...   229
18.   Additional Measuring Instructions   ...   ...   ...   254
19.   Redesigning and Repairs   ...   ...   ...   ...   263
Glossary ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 268
Index ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 277


Spencer individually-designed, made to measure, Foundations and Surgical and Orthopaedic Supports are possibly the best Supports in the world.   They are undoubtedly the best known,

What makes Spencer so outstanding ?   The magic which lies in the specialised scientific knowledge of design, the craftsmanship of construction, the perfection of materials and workmanship, and the art of the Spencer Technicians and trained Fitters.

Everyone connected with the production of Spencer Supports is determined that only the best is good enough.

Throughout Britain, America and Canada the word " Spencer " expresses the finest, the most advanced, the most efficient in Health and Beauty Supports, and Surgical and Orthopaedic Supports.

The Spencer Retailer is trained by the Company in anatomy and physiology, in the study of body mechanics, the art of figure delineation and pre-view preparation, and the art of fitting. She is taught the mysteries of successfully charting posture, and fifteen to twentytwo vital measurements with client in positions standing, recumbent, and seated.

In the Foundation sphere she is an artist and stylist concerned with beauty of form and prevention of defects with maintenance of health.

In the surgical field she is trained to be an expert assistant to the Doctor and the Orthopaedic Surgeon in the important branch of treatment-aid represented by Surgical and Orthopaedic Support Therapy.

Spencer Supports are advertised in 27 Medical and Nursing Journals in Britain; also in 16 Medical Journals in America and in the following Fashion Journals, which also circulate in Britain :—

Ladies' Home Journal   Family Circle
Woman's Day   McCall's
Woman's Home Companion   To-day's Health
and in the British edition of

"Good Housekeeping."

A Spencer Fitter holding a Spencer Retail Sales Concession is an independent professional and business woman in business in her own account as Principal.

The financial potential of the Spencer Sales Concession is very great and the Company requires that it shall be granted only to women with the necessary initiative and business capabilities to make full use of it.

There is no comparable career offering such a unique opportunity for a woman to create for herself a position of prestige and security in fascinating work associated with the improvement of appearance and health of the community, and where an income in the four figure bracket can be achieved.

An average of merely two sales of Major Supports and Brassieres per day in the lower to medium price range will yield the Fitter an income of over £1,000 per annum.

As her practice grows and repeat orders from satisfied clients swell the total, the average number of sales per day should obviously increase-and the income likewise.

The Spencer Retailer has the opportunity to use tried and proved methods of publicity and salesmanship. Brochures brilliantly produced to explain by actual photographs as well as by the written word what Spencer is and can achieve are available at less than cost to mail to prospective clients, and these pave the way for the Fitter to make calls and introduce herself to members of the community and explain and demonstrate the Supports.

A good business woman will obtain introductions to women of all classes and types and will demonstrate what Spencer can do for them. From these introductions she will plan to interview at least eight prospective clients each day and by the law of averages she should make from two to four sales per day.   On this average she would make a four figure income.

Local advertising by a Retailer is permitted and the Company will suggest suitable "lay-out" according to space.

"Party" demonstrations can be arranged by inviting a small group of ladies to a talk and demonstration at a tea or sherry party in the Retailer's own home or the home of a client. Suitable talks can be obtained from the Company's Publicity Department. Talks to Mothers' Unions, Nurses' Associations, Women's Clubs, etc. can be given.

Retailers should work with their local Doctors and build up a good Surgical Support Service.

The Spencer Retailer must always be neatly dressed and shod, well groomed with hair well styled, "make-up" discreetly applied, and hands immaculate. She must, above all, be perfectly Spencered and must radiate vitality, health, charm and confidence. Such a woman will be welcomed everywhere.

The Supports to be demonstrated must be in perfect condition.

It would be a waste of our time to train women who are not fully alive to the requirements and opportunities and who lack the initiative and capabilities to make good use of the Spencer Sales Concession.

If any prospective trainee therefore is not fully convinced of her ability to average at least two sales per day, she should not be in Spencer work.

General information